Thursday, February 10, 2011

Keep on, Keeping on.....

We're still at it. Since it's gotten colder, we've moved on to things on the inside of the house. We installed a pellet stove to get some heat in the house since the HVAC guys haven't finished up yet. Having the stove has made it a lot more comfortable inside! Jeff was able to insulate the kitchen floor and put the sub-floor back down. We are currently replacing/repairing the plaster in the kitchen. We ordered our kitchen flooring from the Backyard Boys in Wakefield, PA. They salvage the materials from old barns and homes that are being torn down. Once the plaster work is done, we'll be able to put the flooring down and have the cabinet maker back in for final measurements.

Drywall is finished in the bathrooms and laundry/utility room. We chose drywall for the downstairs bathroom and laundry because that was what was used when the addition was added in the 1950's. We decided to use it in the upstairs bath because we learned in our 1st house that moisture, plaster and paint don't mix well.

We scraped all of the loose plaster off the dining room walls and the ceiling. Lots of bad patches made over the years. I was able to get all of the paint off of the dining room fireplace mantle. I was able to distinguish at least 9 layers of paint. It would have been great to be able to leave only the original coat of paint. I'm pretty sure though that I've found a color very close.

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