Sunday, June 26, 2011

Slowly but Surely....

We're still at it.  The past few months we've kind of slowed down with end of school year programs and wanting to spend time with the kids in the warmer weather.  We're still over there just about every weekend and most week nights.

Earlier this  month, we had 1/2 round gutters and downspouts installed and had blown in insulation put in the attic floorboards.  While pulling up some of the floorboards, Jeff came across a "partial" snake skin that was about 5 1/2 feet long and about 3 inches wide in the belly.  I'm hoping that was a left over from last year.  Good news is that we haven't seen nearly as many as last year!  But, one is more than too much for me!

Jeff also laid a nice brick patio for the A/C units.

Light fixtures for the bathrooms came in!  Now to find a mirror....

Still working on plastering the rooms.  The family room has yet to be started, but we are almost finished the living room, dining room and 2 of the front bedrooms....and that's it for plaster work!  I still need to paint ALL of the trim work in the house.  Hopefully next update we'll have kitchen cabinets to show! 

We are behind in our original estimate of when we would be in the house, but we are so close.  Just a few more months of work.

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