Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's starting to come together!

We went up earlier this week to check out the progress on our kitchen cabinets.  They are being made by Gary Hershey in Oxford, PA.  When we got there, Gary had them laid out in almost the exact fashion they'll be once they are installed.  It was so exciting to see them.  He should be finished within the next 2 weeks.  Time to finish up the kitchen and get ready for them.

 Of course, the cabinets won't be sitting on top of each other like this.  The 1st break in the cabinets is where my soapstone apron front sink will be.  The 2nd break is just a "step down" in the counter under a window.

 It's upside down, but it's a hanging corner cupboard made out of curly maple.  This will be gorgeous once it has a bit of stain on it!  The rest of the cabinets are being painted a sage color.

 The above cabinet shows the raised panel on the cabinet fronts and the cock beading around the drawers.

 This is a step back cupboard that I'll use for a little extra storage.  It will have raised panel doors top and bottom and 2 small drawers on the bottom.

The next step is to have the countertop people come out and make a template.  I'm so excited...I might be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

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