Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Busy Busy....

Sorry that it's been so long since we updated our progress on the house. We have been busy and are really almost finished!

To help with drainage issues and water in the basements, Jeff busted up the concrete and dug 15" down and laid a french drain and gravel.  He also installed sump pumps in both basements. now we have nice, clean, dry basements!

 We also have the yard graded and seeded.  Grass has already sprouted.

 Our bricklayer, Pete Tibbin of 1st Class Masonry, set a 18x38 brick patio outback.  We used old reclaimed brick from the Barnyard Boys in Wakefield, PA.

 Jeff has hung almost all of our kitchen cabinets.  We're still waiting on a tiger maple hanging corner cupboard that should be finished in the next week or two.  We will also be having the countertop company come down soon so that they can scribe for the countertop.  We will be using StoneMasters on Kennett Square, PA.  Can't wait for my soapstone counter and farm house sink!

 The stripping is almost completely finished and now for painting.  This is just the primer, but I am loving the color!

 The next big project is making the fireplaces nice again. We dug out all of the old sand pits underneath.  Jeff has framed in the voids and will lay old brick...again, reclaimed from The Barnyard Boys.

Hopefully next update, we'll have some color on the walls and the counters in and be just about ready to start moving furniture in!!

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